Books about Cat Behavior

    There are many books on the market today that are based on traditional "information" about cats---information that in the last ten years has been proven wrong. For instance, objective modern research has found that cats ARE social animals, with a "colony" social structure, and that they work cooperatively with each other within their colony. These and other objective findings are causing a significant change in our understanding of cat behavior and how to modify it. We are recommending only those books that are based on the modern, scientifically proven understanding of cat behavior.

    Two Paws Up!!
    The Domestic Cat: The Biology of Its Behaviour
    2nd Edition
    Ed. Turner & Bateson
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    The BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Behavioural Medicine
    Revised Aug. 2002
    Ed. Horowitz, Mills, & Heath
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    The chapter on "Social Organization, Communication, and Development in Cats" by Dr. Crowell-Davis features photographs of our bengal queen, Firenze, with her litter.
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    Other Recommended Books

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