Wildly Beautiful... Wildly Loving.

    The cat walks into your living room as
    if he were walking into a jungle clearing...

    sleek, elegant, with an effortless wild grace.

    His unique golden brown and black markings ripple across his long, muscular body. His head lifts alertly as his large, lambent greeny-gold eyes assess the environment. Your guests stop in mid-sentence, unable to take their eyes from him.

    You call your cat by name, and he makes a prodigious, athletic leap, almost too swift for the eye to follow, from halfway across the room and into your lap. He butts his head firmly against your hand in greeting and drops down across your lap, draped over your knees just as you have seen leopards drape themselves over tree limbs. You stroke his cloud-soft fur, and those jungly eyes close in contentment as his purr fills the room.

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