Health Care

We are dedicated to raising and placing healthy, happy, affectionate cats (see our Philosophy). We will not breed, sell, or show sick, deformed, or parasite-infested animals.

Our cats recieve all their shots and medical care at the hands of licensed, experienced veterinarians. The cats have regular medical checkups whether they are sick or not, and we do not stint on preventative care such as vaccinations, worming, etc. If you recieve a cat from us, you will also recieve a health care history of the cat, including vaccination records.

We recommend several books on cat health and behavior.

All of our cats come with a health and personality guarantee. How can we do this?

    Dr. Lenhard and Leopardy.
  • Our cats are under the experienced veterinary care of Dr. Andrea Lenhard, who has provided superior health care for our family's pets for many years. (And our bengals love her---our green-eyed goddess Leopardy loves that jungle print!)

  • In addition, our cats have the great good fortune to benefit from the expertise of internationally-acclaimed animal behaviorist, Dr. Sharon Crowell-Davis, DVM, PhD, and Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Behaviorists (DACVB or Dipl. ACVB).

    Dr. Sharon Crowell-Davis offers Leopardy a treat during a Christmas 2000 visit.Dr. Crowell-Davis is a professor of Veterinary Behavior at the University of Georgia (Athens, GA). She has studied and treated feline behavior problems for more than 20 years and is currently involved in extensive research regarding the behavior of both housecats and feral cat colonies.

    Her advice helps ensure that our cats are extremely well-socialized and trained as loving companions for your home.

    Beware of Poison: Tips to Avoid TragedyDr. Crowell-Davis is an admirer of our bengals and is interested in the the breed in general, and she includes photos of our bengals in her seminars and lectures to professional bodies. She has included photos of our bengals in a recent publication. Also, the feline behavior CD-ROM she is developing will contain pictures of some of our cats.

    We are pleased to say that Dr. Crowell-Davis used some slides of our Leopardy and Zelazny grooming each other as illustrations for her session on "Social Organization and Communication in the Domestic Cat" at the American Veterinary Medical Association's (AVMA's) 2001 annual convention.

    Most recently, she used a picture of Zelazny and Leopardy as one of the illustrations for am article in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery (2004) 6, 19-28. The article, written by Dr. Crowell-Davis, Terry M. Curtis, and Rebecca J. Knowles, is titled "Social Organization in the Cat: a Modern Understanding." The picture of our cats is Figure 8, "A male grooms the ear of an estrous queen between copulations. Photo courtesy of PrinceRoyal Bengals."

Our Views on Controversial Health Issues

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